My Tribute to those who shaped who I am today

I've been fortunate to have had many amazing individuals cross paths with me and play a crucial role in my growth and shaping me into who I am today. This page is my tribute to those who have made a lasting impact on my life and inspired me to keep pushing forward. Join me as I take a walk down memory lane and share my story.

  • GS ThinaThink-Digital

    GS Thina
    Founder @Think-Digital

    GS Thina, the mentor who empowers college students with skills and industry exposure to reach their full potential 🚀

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  • Rohan KumarRentyaar

    Rohan Kumar
    Founder @Rentyaar

    Rohan Kumar, a natural leader, charming person, and visionary entrepreneur. Founder of Rentyaar and The Starterseed, changing students' lives for the better.

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  • Mohammad MuazamThink-Digital

    Mohammad Muazam
    Mentor @Think-Digital

    Muazam bhaiya's support helped me excel in web development. His critical feedback and logical approach towards work help improve and prioritize things. A great mentor who inspires to achieve what he sets his mind to

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  • Kaushik KumaranIEEE SRM SB

    Kaushik Kumaran
    Webmaster @IEEE SRM SB

    Kaushik Kumaran, the ultimate mentor, with a pure-hearted and enthusiastic approach, is a natural leader who motivates juniors to learn, take initiatives, and progress. His mentorship and support are unparalleled!

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  • SnehilIEEE SRM SB

    Secretary (WAD) @IEEE SRM SB

    Snehil bhaiya is the coolest! In every conversation, he imparts something new for you to use in projects. With clear and concise explanations, he makes learning easier for everyone. His peer-interaction and bonding skills set him apart. A true gem!

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