Mohammad Muazam

Muazam bhaiya's support helped me excel in web development. His critical feedback and logical approach towards work help improve and prioritize things. A great mentor who inspires to achieve what he sets his mind to

Mohammad Muazam
Mohammad Muazam

My Tributes

Without Muazam bhaiyas support I wouldn't be in the position I am today. He's one of the sole reasons why I was able to excel in web development and learn a lot at a faster pace.

His ability to give critical feedback, and able to point out how you can improve your work is really helpful. He's the most logical person I've met who has his priorities clear and always achieves whatever he sets his mind towards.

I can say that it would have take me a lot more time to learn web development by myself, and with Muazam bhaiyas help, I was able to do it much faster.

Lessons Learnt

  • View what you learn and see from more than one perspective, you never know what you might come about and get inspired from.
  • You build trust only when you deliver what you promise.
  • Taking the idealogy forward, "Be the senior you need the most as a junior".


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/ Sat Jan 09 2021 (3 years to date)

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/ Mentor at Think-Digital