Kaushik Kumaran

Kaushik Kumaran, the ultimate mentor, with a pure-hearted and enthusiastic approach, is a natural leader who motivates juniors to learn, take initiatives, and progress. His mentorship and support are unparalleled!

Kaushik Kumaran
Kaushik Kumaran

My Tributes

Kaushik bhaiya is the elder brother we all need but don't deserve. That's because he's just that pure-hearted. When I started working with him at IEEE, his guidance and mentorship towards me and all the juniors were unparalleled.

His kind and enthusiastic approach motivated us to learn more on our own and take initiatives outside of development. He's a natural leader, who cares for your progress, will give you challenges to work out and learn on your own and will support you whenever needed.

His public speaking skills and ability to engage with a large crowd always amazes me and inspires me to be like him one day.

Lessons Learnt

  • Work is important, but never at the expense of your well being. Learn to prioritize what's important and take time off to avoid burn out.
  • Learn to have a proactive approach, sometimes you'll have to do the work even if it's not your responsibility.
  • Give your 100% in whatever you do.


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