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GS Thina, the mentor who empowers college students with skills and industry exposure to reach their full potential 🚀

GS Thina
GS Thina

My Tributes

Thina bhaiya is a fantastic mentor and a wonderful friend. His advice and mentoring have been invaluable not just as a Think-Digital member but also as an individual. His clear vision and passion for assisting others and guiding students by giving mentoring and opportunities are very inspiring.

He mentored me when I began attending college and continues to do so in by helping me learn more about who I am, how I can build on my talents and work on my shortcomings, and navigating what my vision and values in life are.

Without his initiatives at Think-Digital, I can openly tell than I would have taken 10X times more to learn and excel than at the stage in which I am today. And for this I'll always be grateful to Thina bhaiya.

Lessons Learnt

  • Even if it feels scary just do it. Don't overthink it, and just get started.
  • Whatever it might be, communicating it is the best solution to solve what you might be going through.
  • Leadership is truly appreciated when you're able to turn those who you work with as leaders themselves.
  • When the going get's rough, it's your ability to hold on that will determine how successful you will be.


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